Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wood Ring Lift

Here's the lift for my next project. It is made from Walnut in three layers. 
This was made for me by my uncle, Gene. I am not setup for wood-work. It's best to leave something of this complexity to the professional. : )

 The drive motor assembly and the two keeper rollers at 4 and 8 o'clock positons still need to be built.
They will be integrated into the frame so it all has to be built at the same time.

It's 3-1/2 ft in diameter. The buyer, a banker, wanted the lettering to show
different "Forces" in the market. The ring will rotate, likely counter-clockwise, and in each hole hold one ball that it will release at the top. 

My last wooden ring project had a mechanism that pushed the ball out from the back. It worked well, but was kind of noisy. This time, I am going to use a "retaining wire" in back that the ball will rest against once it nears the top. The holes themselves have a 2 degree slope so the ball will want to roll out on it's own with just gravity.

More to come as this fantastic Rolling Ball Sculpture takes shape. 

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