Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Not very many mazes around here. Lets fix that. Here is a portion of my most recently drawn maze. This is just the bottom left, somewhat enlarged. This is also 100% not edited, and is fresh off the scanner.

I draw the picture in first. Decide where the START will be, and start drawing in the paths. As I go, I make sure I outline the picture or anything important, in paths, so the coloring in later will have clean edges, and the picture is just right.

8.5" X 11" 40# white paper. .05 Mechanical pencil, eraser shield, and wrist rest (to keep my skin off the already drawn lines so it doesn't smudge.)

Once I get done with the drawing, I scan the picture into Photoshop and my lovely wife, Jacqui, edits the maze to made sure there aren't any "orphaned" paths, and to make sure lines are connected, paths don't pinch, and everything looks just as it should.

Next, she'll use Photoshop to color in all of the cells to make it colorful, and bring out the picture. We used to use colored mechanical pencils, but they did not offer too many color choices, and zero way to change it if you didn't like what you had just colored.

So check it out: "Gnome Sweet Gnome" in the Mushroom forest. Make it to the end, and dodge the bees, lol. Knaw, don't worry, the bees are trained and are very friendly. : )

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