Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pinball Ramps, copying habitrails for pinball machine

Making RBS makes me uniquely suited to helping out other people with their projects. Recently I remade 5 pairs of "habitrails" for a pinball machine, or pin. The name of the machine is "Attack from Mars". In the two photos I took here, the original rail is in the center, with the copies to the outside. 100% stainless steel, and 100% hand bent. It takes me about 7 hours to make a pair. 
Starting with the "round" end. I work down to the other end, bending, checking against the original, then welding. Once finished with the rails part, I then have to make and add the other mounts. The most challenging mount is the small trapezoid sheet metal piece on the far right (below). The large ring in the center and right in both photos is a washer, bored out to 1.5" with my lathe.

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