Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Motorized Desktops

It seems like this size of RBS is very popular. I understand why though, with it's small size, it's easy to transport and show off, and still has all of the cool features you'd see on a larger RBS.

I started to make the helical lift diagonal for a couple of reasons. First I think it looks a lot cooler taking up so much room in the RBS, and striking a bold look by cutting across and up the entire project. It make missing the lift impossible. The other reason, less noticeable, is that it makes my job easier. With the marbles firmly riding in the keeper track alongside the spiral, a lot less of my time is taken to making sure it's exactly right so the marbles stay in juuuust right as I would have to before. Plus, as i said, it looks much cooler.

This project below is also for a photo shoot. I purposefully did not build any track in the center of the frame so the company who is receiving this can put toys inside of the tracks and shoot a promotional video. Sounds pretty cool to me. If I can get a copy of their video sent to me, I'll be sure to post it here.

I also built them some standalone parts. A 6ft long piece of gentle "S" curves. A 3ft long jump, and a 12" diameter spiral of track that has 8 revolutions to use in other shots. I'd love to see how that came out as well.

Custom rolling ball sculpture work is the name of the game around these parts!

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