Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Desktops

So here they are. I made these three at the same time, and all have the same birthday, September.

The thing that makes each desktop special is the track. They do have the same frame, track switches, tipping arms, spirals and loop d loops...but the thing connecting all of these is...track. The sculpture can look quite unique if for instance one desktop had long, slight curved, flowing tracks that went around the outside of most of the piece, and the other desktop's track was very twisty with lots of hairpin corners and weaving in and out of the frame supports. They would look very different.

So check these three out and see how different types of track can make the desktop sculptures very individual and one of a kind.

Desktop #44:

Desktop #45:

Desktop #46:

If you're interested, all three of these are available to purchase. Check them out here:
http://www.rollingballsculpture.com/pages/desktop44.html Sold
http://www.rollingballsculpture.com/pages/desktop45.html Sold
http://www.rollingballsculpture.com/pages/desktop46.html Sold