Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to Make Spirals - Video

For all of you out there that wants to make an RBS but is intimidated with all of the different parts and elements that go into one, I have decided to start a video series to help out. This video "How to Make Spirals" is #1 in the series. I plan to do more more complicated videos on how to make spiral lifts and chain lifts and what rolling ball sculpture materials you may need. etc., but before tackling that, I needed some practice.

This spiral is not the the ball lift, but a spiral of track that the ball rolls into from the outside and makes ever smaller circles until it rolls out the from the center.

This video details what tools I use, shows me bend the spiral with my hands, the aluminum track spacers/holder you will need to hold the spiral in place when welding to it, how to add the entrance wire and exit wire so the transition is a smooth continuous track and how to make the spacers you will use. In this video I use a TIG welder for welding, I am using 1/8" stainless steel wire and 14" bolt cutters cut it.

I decided on something less complicated, but very necessary, like the trusty spiral. This video shows you what tools you need, how to get the spiral bent, and a few handy tricks. Well worth the cost of the video.

The video is available two ways: First is with youtube. I have uploaded the 35 minutes of video to YouTube. Since they do not allow videos over 10 minutes, I had to split it into 4 separate videos. All there, just split up a bit. To be able to view the videos YouTube says you have to be my friend to be added to my private videos. In this case the 4 videos for the making of a spiral. I can have up to 25 usernames set to watch it anytime, if you wanna be my friend. : )
The cost for the youtube video is $10.

I can also send you a DVD - cost $15; which includes shipping. Now I hesitate to do this as I do not have a way to make labels for them yet, and you will only get a DVD with a handwritten title in felt tip marker. Not very nice to look at, but the video would be better quality and you won't need an Internet connection to view it. 35 minutes - .WMV file.

Go here:

Let me know what other things you might like to see in a "How To" video and I'll see what I can do!

Happy building... ; )