Sunday, November 16, 2008

#78 Finished

Well, I need to start posting more than once a month. : ) The best time to start is now!
This is the finished sculpture #78. It measures 30" square and 36" tall. There are 3 different tracks. Almost finished...It still needs the acrylic case that will cover this piece so it will be safe while unattended in the law firm's waiting area.
Track 1 is the loop d' loop track, track 2 has a marble collector which tips when the 3rd marble rolls on (then the three roll off together), and track 3 has several cool elements that it activates. The picture below shows the first section of the loop d' loop.

Here (below) is the second section to the loop d' loop. The marble, after exiting the loops, turns to the left and joins with track 3 before heading back to the lift.

This picture (below) shows the chain lift - lifting a yellow marble. The chain lift picks up and releases about 3 marbles per minute.

Here is a photo showing a couple marbles in motion.
In this picture (below) you can see the "Scales of Justice". The scales are really cool to watch. The scales will tip when the third marble rolls into the side closest in this photo. The other side has several smaller marbles to provide the counter weight so it will reset itself when the other marbles roll out. It tips with 3 marbles but is inconsistent with how many marbles are dumped out. Sometimes only one marble goes, mostly two marbles will dump out, and then sometimes all of them dump.
See the marble collector at the top of the photo.
And as you can see, (below) this sculpture will be going to the law offices of Kam, Ebersbach and Lewis. They are trial lawyers.

All pictures clickable. See this sculpture in motion here:

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