Sunday, November 16, 2008

Desktop #32 and #33

I posted quite a while ago about the 5 frames and accessories that I made up in advance for desktops. #29, #30 and #31 can be seen below in an older posting. These desktops just seem to keep getting better and better. It's all about practice. The more I make, the easier it is to build and the easier it is to add new things. Now these two desktops don't have anything new, per say, but both have some very nice track. I like track. Track is the fun space between elements.
What is noteworthy of these two desktops is why they were made. Desktop #32 was ordered by a woman for her mom's birthday. Great! I love to think of people opening their gift and receiving one of my sculptures! And just to make things interesting, desktop #33 was ordered by and man for his dad's birthday. Two in a row for b-days! Cool!
So to make these special I added a heart shape to the spinner for the mom, and the initial "S" (stands for the last name) for the dad.
Happy Birthday Everyone!
Desktop #32 (a gift for someone's Mom)

Desktop #33 (a gift for someone's Dad)

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