Thursday, May 8, 2008

New sculpture

My current project. #74. This sculpture is 4 feet tall by 4ft wide. It has a chain lift which delivers about 5.5 marbles per minute onto the three tracks. There is a loop d' loop track with 5 loops and a fun inverted section at the end that lets the back-spin on the marbles stop it. Track two, with only one rolling marble at a time, has 3 spirals, 2tipping arms and some fun wavy and fast flowing track that ends in the back and forth spaghetti section. See pic below. Track three has a marble collector which releases with 3 marbles. Track three is only 15% built and the rest is yet to be...and only exists in the ether and statistical mathematics.

This is spaghetti section at the bottom of the ball run, track 2.

This would be the end of day Wednesday.

Here is the spaghetti track installed at the bottom.

This is my progress as of today. I should be able to get most of track three laid tomorrow. I can't do the wavy track like you see at the bottom of the sculpture now with marbles rolling in a row, like a train. In a marble train, sometimes the marble behind another goes faster than the marble in front. When this happens then the marble behind can run into marble ahead of it, slowing itself enough that it will fall back and settle in a valley, stopping all other marbles that come next. It is quite enjoyable to attach the next track rails and then decide where I want the track to go. I plan a few moves ahead, build them, and go onto the next. I especially like to make the loops which is why a lot of my sculptures have them. They are FUN to make, and even more fun to watch, over and over. : ) I enjoy tracing the two rail paths in my mind as I bend the corners and try to imagine where the track can go next on it's fast, gravity defying path.

I will take some video soon. I will probably wait until I get it finished. It is close and I don't want to use the time to take video, when it will be better to film when it is finished. Can't wait!

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