Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The marble collector, up close

I wanted to post the photos I had taken after each section was completed, but decided to wait until I finished it, and could post all photos in one. Tomorrow. So, instead, I decided to share the marble collector that I made today. Before today, what you see here was a 12ft piece of 1/8" stainless steel wire with no idea of what it was to become. With a little bending, cutting, welding and an added bearing, it has become the mighty ball collector, an important part of any RBS. This ball collector tips when the third marble rolls on.
Also in this photo is my trusty stainless steel block. Not just any block, it has been water cut into it's basic shape. The groove on the end looks like someone wanted to see if a very tight corner could be cut using the water jet. I dunno. I do know that it makes a great weight when needed, and is cool to think that only water was used to cut it.

Here's the collector installed on the sculpture. Note the added piece at the bottom. This was for weight, but will also be used as the stop when it tips down release the 3 marbles on the track below.

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