Saturday, January 30, 2010

DVD - How to Make Helical Lift

Finally, for all of you out there waiting for a how-to video on How to Make a Helical Lift...It's Finished!

45 minutes of step by step instructions on how I build my Helical Lift and what rolling ball sculpture materials you will need.

It starts with an overview of which motors I use, and why. I show you the mounting pads I use and discuss different materials you could use for a motor mount. I don't show you how to make the mounting pad, but I do explain the parts I use, and why.

Then I show you exactly how I build the spiral that lifts the marbles to the top. I discuss what bearings to use at the top of the spiral, and how I attach it to the frame. As well as how I mount the motor/mounting pad to the frame.

I then show how I build the upright keeper track that holds the marbles in as they are lifted to the top, how I install it, and finally I talk about how to add the feeder and exit tracks.

If you have wanted to try your hand at making a Helical Lift but have been unsure of where to start, this is for you. After watching this DVD you will know what steps you need to take, and why. Why buy an RBS when you can make your own? Not only will you have a cool rolling ball sculpture to show to your friends and relatives, (not to mention kick back and watch on your own!) you can impress them further by telling them you made it all by yourself. : )

Get this DVD now. Kick start that hobby, and make your own RBS to watch!

Go here:

I am sold out of track clamps, but should have some in a month or so. I'll update this blog when they are done.

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This kit - would it be suitable for a 14yr old boy who is clever at physics?

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