Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching up.

Hey Everyone. I wanted to dust off the blog and post something before it's been two months between posts... I know, I know, I need to post more often, and I think about my blog often, but it just does not make it from my brain to my keyboard. So for all of you regular readers out there, I apologize that I do not post more often. I have been busy with projects and have finished a few things since my last post and I aim to correct my lack of postings starting with this one. : )

I've since built several wall mounted RBS's. This one: #79 and this one: #81.

Now these two wall mounted sculptures have a little story behind them. When I built #79 the buyer wanted a sculpture like #69 ( - and I didn't clarify with the buyer exactly what he wanted... So I built him a wall mounted the same size and with the same one slow track. It came out fine, but when I talked to Greg he was a little less than happy and explained to me that he wanted a copy of #69. Apprehensive, Greg asked what we could do...I cheerfully explained I'll just make you another. And that's #81. If you look, it is a pretty close approximation of #69, maybe even a little better... : )

So I sold #79 made him #81 and Everyone was happy!
And for anyone who is following my progess on sculptures, #80 is on hold for the moment.

Next post soon, I promise!

Wall Mounted #81
Battery Powered

Wall Mounted #79

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Anonymous said...

My #69 will take #81 any day!