Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Next up: Motorized table sculpture 30x36 - #78

My next project, in progess now, is a table standing sculpture with a chain lift that stands 36" tall and is 30"w on each side. I only have the frame and lift built now...but I think it already looks great! This sculpture (will have) 3 tracks. These tracks will be my "standard" fare of: one track will be a loop d' loop, one track will have one marble rolling at one time, and the third track will have a marble collector so the marbles (probably 3) on that track roll together when the collector releases them.

This sculpture will have a couple items to personalize it for it's final location. The final location will be a lawyers office in Georgia. So to help visualize the lawyer theme I am going to make a "scales of justice" element. This element will be a ball collector, but not "the" ball collector which will be added near the top for maximum effect. The single marble will roll onto one side of the scales - tipping when it gets full. The other side of the scale will have marbles as the counter weight. The other personalization will be the Law Firms name spelled out in wire inside the sculpture. Under each name, I am going to add "marbles on track" as if the marbles are underlining the names on the shingle.
More pics later.....

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Joanne said...

Great site Matt - I don't understand the technical side but appreciate these marvellous sculptures as art. Love the wall mounted idea and the idea of commissioning one for a special occasion is really great - my wishlist would be an aeroplane sculpture wall mounted for my husband who is a pilot-maybe incorporating his name (Phil) on the wings - is this too fantastical?