Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poll results

I wanted to preserve my poll results, and comment on them a bit. I wanted to preserve my last poll, but I deleted it before I knew it would be gone forever... So I am not going to make that mistake again.

My current poll asked you, the reader, to pick what type of sculpture you would like to have. You were allowed to pick more than one thing. 29 people participated in this poll. Here are the results:

Large Floor Standing - 3 votes (10%)
Wall Hanging - 14 votes (48%)
Desktop - 7 votes (24%)
Tabletop - 8 votes (27%)
Enclosed in Glass - 4 votes (13%)
With bowling balls - 2 votes (6%)
Solar powered - 10 votes (34%)
Hand powered - 2 votes (6%)
Rolling Ball Clock - 3 votes (10%)
Ceiling mounted - 6 votes (20%)
Big enough to ride on - 5 votes (17%)
Wooden - 4 votes (13%)
'Only' Loop d' loops - 0 votes
Interactive - 6 votes (20%)

I thought it interesting, but not too surprising, that the wall hanging and solar powered took the top votes. A wall hanging sculpture is a good way to have a sculpture displayed without needing to make space to display it. As for solar powered, any of you who have purchased a sculpture from me with a DC motor could easily hook it to a solar panel, for a sun powered kinetic art rolling ball sculpture.

I am not sure what the defining difference between a desktop and a tabletop sculpture. If I had to differentiate between the two, I would say that the tabletop is a small motorized rbs, whereas the desktop would be non-motorized, it's all you.

Thank you everyone who voted and I look forward to the results of my next poll...


john p said...

Do you know of any projects done with larger (bowling ball size) balls. I always wanted to see a "ball clock" like the ones they sell of plastic in stores, scaled up for bowling balls. It would make a great project for a theme park or science museum!

Matt said...

Yes take a look at this video on YouTube:

Or google Jeppe Hein. They are not bowling balls, but they do look even slightly bigger.

Anonymous said...

Matt - I like your sculptures, can you help me get started with a simple wall hanging project? I would be happy to make a small 10"x10" with a one loop-d-loop, or how about one spiral that gets faster and faster? and crawl back up and do it again? I also had an idea of using small metal silhouettes of funny characters like woody woodpecker or something that would move or maybe flip to one side or another when the ball tripped it, How can I contact you? If you can help, please e-mail me at thanks a bunch, John