Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rolling Ball museum in Korea - Funique

Stephen Jendro posted this Link to a set of photos taken at Funique in Korea. The photos are taken at the Rolling Ball Museum which is part of Funique. There are a few of my sculptures in these photos (see below), as well as other RBS artists. The variety of ball runs will amaze you!

(above) These two hand powered sculptures use 2" balls. The closest sculpture used 3/16" stainless wire for the tracks. It was hard to bend, but was perfect for the larger marble. Using a lot of track spacers made the tracks almost look like train tracks. A fun sculpture to build and operate. Quite noisy though. Lots of clacking and clanking when in operation. 2 of 4 that I built in that size. I don't see the other 2 on the photos, perhaps they are somewhere else...
(above) There are 4 different tracks on this sculpture. 3 balls collect at the top, tipping with the third marble. Two of the marbles go through loop d' loops and the third marble drops to another collector. The second collector tips with two marbles, and each of those two marbles has it's own loop track too. All 4 tracks collect back at the bottom, and the marbles go back up the lift for another spin down the rails.

(above) See a great section of twisted loop d' loop track. 3 tracks on this sculpture with a wide flat funnel that dropped the marbles randomly into the three tracks. I remember taking video of this sculpture and was lucky that on my very first take of filming, all 3 tracks were taken at nearly the same time. Never occured again when filming this particular RBS...I couldn't edit my video then, so I had to use that first take.

(above) This sculpture uses 5/8" steel balls, and has the tipping arms at both sides.

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