Friday, December 28, 2007

Well, It's finished. All done.

There are 3 tracks on this rolling ball sculpture. 1 track for the loop d' loop, 1 track for the single marble and 1 track for the "marble train" which has 5 marbles in the train. The final dimensions are 46" wide X 30" tall and 18" deep. All stainless steel, of course. 1 3/8" marbles.

The marble collector is adjustable. It can tip with 4, 5 or 6 marbles depending on how many marbles are in the counter-weight. You can have 1-4 marbles in the counter-weight but it seem to work best with two marbles, which means it will tip with 5 marbles. I was going to use a weighted slide, but the marbles look better and match the theme.

The loop d' loop has 7 consecutive loops. Want to see it in action? See it here on youtube: - Don't forget to rate the video!

I am very happy with the outcome of this sculpture. It is quiet and smooth with very little loud banging noises. Nice and compact. It takes a full minute and 5 seconds for the single marble to complete it's trek from the top to the bottom. The motor is a 5 rpm DC motor which powers the helical lift.

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